This particular model of oven made in two version medium and maxi is consider the top model of our company.

This type of oven is studied differently from the normal rotor oven in order to have:

  • A great result for every type of bread.
  • Possibility to work for continuous baking cycle for all day without any problem.
  • A very fast recuperation of the baking temperature even if the baking cycles are one after the other.
  • Constant production of steam.
  • The heat exchanger is placed on the left part of the baking chamber just inside it, and it is built like that in order to have a strong oven with a maximum yield but at the same time with a great energy saving.
  • The steam generation is also placed inside the baking chamber, just under the heat exchanger and this ensure a big quantity of steam during every baking.
  • This new model is fruit of year of research and development made by our technical office. Our technicians also take the suggestion of our customers in order to satisfy any request of the market.